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What Is The Harvest A Seed Project?

The Harvest A Seed Project is a business development and management program designed to help you set and achieve your financial goals through business.

Essentially, we handle all the back-office paperwork and “business stuff”… so you can focus on your customers and making more money.

How It Works…

The Harvest A Seed Project helps small business owners manage their finances and operations at every stage of the business life-cycle. The program may be a good fit for you if you want to do any of the following:

Plant A Seed

If you’re in the start up phase and want to plant your business seed in fertile soil, we can help you develop a killer “Business Battle Plan”, incorporate your business to protect your personal assets, and create a tax plan that allows you to keep more of your profits instead of paying it to the IRS

Nurture A Seed

If you’re a small business looking to save money or grow, we can help stream line back office operations, set up bookkeeping, inventory management, or payroll systems. As well as secure financing for expanding your business or acquiring a new one

Harvest A Seed

When it’s time to harvest your business seed, we can help you reach your personal and financial retirement goals. Whether you want to take advantage of investment opportunities, pass your business on to heirs, or sell it — we will make sure you reap the most benefits

Shawana Guy

Multi-Million Dollar Business Developer

Meet Our Multi-Million Dollar Business Developer

As founder of The Harvest A Seed Project, Shawana Guy brings more than 17 years of financial and business management experience to the program.

Using strategic business planning, creative finance strategies, and extensive knowledge of legal tax loopholes, The Harvest A Seed Project has created a step-by-step formula for helping entrepreneurs that want to grow their small businesses into multi-million dollar companies.

To learn exactly how The Harvest A Seed Project can help your small businesses — contact the Multi-Million Dollar Business Developer today!

Client Testimonials

“The Harvest A Seed Project team really impressed me on multiple levels. They had a brilliant sense for what I needed to do to improve operations, but couldn’t actually put together myself. Now my business off to a great start”

— G. Turner
Self Employed, Business Owner
“The Harvest A Seed Project is about investing in yourself so that you can fulfill your purpose of blessing another. Shawana helped us create a cycle of growth, honor, and commitment to share with up and coming entrepreneurs.”
— Cintia Le Corre
Chairman, Harmony Corporation

“The Harvest A Seed Project helped us recognize that it is our duty to not only sow a seed for our legacy, but it is imperative that our harvest is something that we can give our community and be proud of it.”

— Donald Simpson

Jamaica International

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