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The Harvest A Seed Project is a business management and financial consultancy founded by proud Marine, tax planner, and small business development expert, Shawana Guy.

The name “Harvest A Seed” was inspired by a Bible scripture that serves as Shawana’s guiding business principle…

“…the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

— Matthew 9:37

Shawana Guy

Shawana Guy



For the past 5 years Shawana Guy has served as a trusted advisor, providing sound financial guidance to clients looking to start, better manage, or retire from their small businesses.

Her experience as a finance professional comes from working as an bookkeeper and business manager within the restaurant, hospitality, government, oil and gas industries for 17 years.

Shawana specializes in helping small businesses owners improve their bottom-line by taking advantage of opportunities they may not be aware of.

For instance, she offers a service called the “Legal Tax Loophole Review”, which ensures her clients keep every single tax dollar they are entitled to instead of paying it to the IRS.

With an extensive network of lending institutions, Shawana can help clients secure funding to make capital improvements or grow their businesses through expansion or acquistions.

As a Marine, she has proudly served her country and continues that service today through The Harvest A Seed Project.

The services offered within the Harvest A Seed Program are designed to help business owners achieve their financial goals and successfully navigate the various stages of business development, operations, and retirement.

To learn how The Harvest A Seed Project can help your small business grow, download our Multi-Million Dollar Business Blueprint today!

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