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The services offered within The Harvest A Seed Project are backed by more than 17 years of finance and business management experience.

Shawana Guy has successfully helped clients in various industries including: childcare, restaurants and hospitality, bar and nightclubs, salon and spas, real estate, transportation and logistics, and nonprofit organizations to name a few.

Each service is designed to help you achieve your personal and business financial goals at every stage of small business ownership.

Business "Battle Plan" Development

If you’re just starting out in business, we’ll use our expertise to develop a killer Business “Battle Plan” that will help you navigate the twist and turns of entrepreneurship and put the odds of success in your favor

Tax Planning & Legal Loop Hole Review

To help you save money, we offer the “Legal Tax Loophole Review” to ensure you keep every single tax dollar you are legally entitled to instead of paying it to the IRS — then we set up a tax plan to make sure it stays that way

Set Up Bookkeeping & Accounting

We’ll set your business up with an effecient bookkeeping system so you can easily keep track of money coming in and going our of your business

Branding & Marketing

Image is important. That’s why we help you create branding  that accurately reflects the quality of your products or services and marketing to communicate that value to your customers

Incorporation & Licensing

We’ll help you file the proper state licensing and federal registration papers to protect your assets so you can grow your business securely

Back Office Management Systems & Software

We’ll help you streamline back office operations with our extensive knowlegde of software and systems for small businesses

Establish Personal & Business Credit Worthy Profiles

We can help you build personal and business credit worthy profiles so you can secure loans to reach your financial goals

Help Secure Loans For Business Acquistions or Expansion

Using our extensive network of banks and financiers, we can secure funding to help you grow your business through either acquistion or expansion

Business Brokering

If you are looking to buy or sell a business, we can tap into our network of lenders, investors, and entreprenuers to facilitate your transaction much faster — usually with more favorable terms

Retirement & Succession Planning

Whether your aim is to pass your business on to heirs and leave a legacy, or sell the empire you have built, we can help you with a retirement and succession plan that is in alignment with your financial and personal goals

Business Investment Opportunities

Through our relationships we can offer opportunities to invest in other businesses. As an equity investor, you will earn a dividend on your investment. As a debt investor, you will earn interest on money you lend

Sound Financial Guidance

We’ll set up strategy sessions where we work together to clarify your financial goals, turn them into a workable plan, and then help you execute them

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